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 The Blue Church                                                                                              February 16,2016

Today we will be going to relax with the sisters from the pizza day, and maybe play water balloon war or volleyball... haha :) my four months are up and i can play now!! ;) but i promise, no competitive playing it will be just us four, so there won’t be any of that haha I have a cool picture for you this week! is is of A Igreja Azul. (the blue church) We walk by it every day haha and today i was like, i bet my dad would like to see it. There are other cool buildings around here i will try to take some pictures of later :)

So this week has been good. I learned that this area is a shopping area (since we are like 30 min bus ride from down town Manaus area to shop) and so that is why we have so many referrals to other missionaries. This week we found an amazing woman named Di... who is here visiting her mom. We taught her about the Book of Mormon and then gave her a chapter to read. We had gone to go see another person and they weren’t there. On our way past Di....~s place we saw her outside reading the Book of Mormon! The second time we met with her she had so many questions haha and we finished teaching about the restoration. We asked her to be baptized when she knew these things were true and she said yes. We invited her to church and she came. She really liked it too. I am sad that she is going back to Brazilia in the next week. But we will refer her over to the missionaries there and i think that she will eventually be baptized! She is so cute!

While walking home one night from a lesson there was a man standing off by a building. We called out Boa Noite and he responded and said Boa Noite, tudo bem? and so we went over to talk to him. In my broken Portuguese i talked a little about the gospel blessing families and how it helps them and asked if we could go over some time to teach his family. haha i had messed it up pretty bad, but then he just turned to my companion and was like como? And she them finished the contact haha then we went to his house and awkwardly he was the only one home. He let us in and told us that his family was not there, but if we could come back on a day where his family was there because our message was for his whole family. We gladly said yes and left. When we went back it was his wife that was home and she let us in and we shared a message about having faith is Jesus Christ and how he helps lift our burdens. We then rescheduled for a time that their whole family would be together. We have not done that yet but i have high hopes and a strong love for this family already!

One other investigator, Gab.... is a 40ish woman with a little girl about 10. We went over there and was talking with her and she had taking a class about religions and was telling us left and right what other religions believed about God and the Trinidad. So we asked her what she believed and she replied that she believe that God, the Son and the Holy Ghost were three separate beings. So we confirmed it and taught her about the Book of Mormon and how it helps us understand Christ better and talked about 3rd Nephi 11 when Christ visits the people in the Americas and before we asked she said, Eu vou ler. (i will read) and we were happy. she didn~t come with us to church yesterday, but i hope she will continue to read the book of mormon like she said she would. she has a book shelf of lots and lots of different bibles and religious books. She had had a Book of Mormon and it was already marked on the part we wanted her to read. So i hope she does.

This week we had a split and i went to their area and stayed with Sister G. from Friday morning to Saturday morning. Sister G. doesn~t speak a lick of English. hahaha i was so scared, so scared and slowly as Friday went on and the more i had to talk in Portuguese and use my dictionary the more comfortable i got with her. I learn that it is good to talk straight forward, since you can’t exactly beat around the bush in Portuguese ahha but she told me Friday night that my Portuguese was really good. Then she told me about another American missionary who had more time in the field talked much less. So it helped me feel good. It was easier to spend the whole day talking with her because i knew she didn~t know English. When i got back to Sister S... that day i did good. I talked in Portuguese all day and then i woke up the next morning talking in English to her... i think it is very hard not to talk in English to Sister S. very hard but i am trying. Because Sister S. said that when i got back from being with Sister G. my Portuguese was really good! Then it slowly went back to where it was before. So that is good to know, and i need to not use English as a crutch.

I was thinking of things i~d like from the states and here are a few things haha
1-Shockers! sour punch straws. :)
1- peanut butter... they don~t have it at all here. haha
2-recipes to make chocolate chip cookies and other yummy food recipes
3-post-it notes, and page flaggers

haha here are some pictures

I taught Sis S. how to make french toast! And she actually showed Sister G.s companion how to make them when we were on the split haha they liked it :)

What i eat a lot, bananas, apples, oat meal, and chia with milk. it is yummy. :)

ohhh! i tried this fruit drink last night made from a fruit called graviola and it tasted just like peaches and cream! it was so good!! so good! well i love you!

Sister Post

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