Thursday, March 26, 2015

Early Transfers

February 23,2015


I hope all is well for you!! and Dad! This week has been good. We are helping three different couples to get married! And we are helping a cute middle aged couple to get married and stop drinking! Aleindo talked a lot of how only Jesus could help him and he needed a miracle and Sister S. reassured him that we were representatives of Jesus Christ and were sent here to help him. They live in really humble apartment. I look forward to the joy they will receive in their lives! 

Today is transfers instead of next week because all the missionaries are coming here today to listen to Elder Quinton L. Cook tomorrow. I am excited! and Sister S. and i will be staying together! big surprise ahaha since we are bother new to this area :) with this area i have a goal to not speak ingl√™s outside of our apartment. It is pretty difficult when i can’t make a silly comment about something i see because i don~t know how to do that in Portuguese, but i am learning how to be silent and listen rather that talk which is a good thing haha it is still funny to watch people stare at me! haha and i play dads game of people watching haha all is good :)

So here are some Pictures. Last week we had a balloon fight with other sisters. Of course Sister M. and i won... We represented the States! haha and when we won the balloon toss we sung the anthem! haha yeah we are awesome :)  

Here is cute Hafe... and i! we are helping his parents to get married and i noticed a little while ago that my companion is totally photo bombing in between us haha funny

 Here is a cool caterpillar haha the Brazilian sisters claimed that if it bit you, you would get really sick. Then Sister S. told me she had never heard of that but it is pretty big ahha.

Love ya!

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