Friday, April 3, 2015

Visit of Elder and Sister Cook

March 2, 2015


 Lydia is so beautiful!!! I love seeing all the pictures of her! i was the first to know Tana was going into labor, had i been on last week haha but i am glad to have a new baby niece one week old!!

My shoulder is doing great! It has its range of motion still the nerves down my arm still have problems haha and it feels like there are more bugs on me then really there are haha jk it is really humbling to see that ants, spiders, and cockroaches are normal to the people here and are a part of their living. When i first got here I was really grossed out haha but as i watch the people pay no attention to it, i am trying to do the same. The blasted ants here are tiny but hurt so bad when they bite haha but besides that i am accustomed to their presence. I hope all is well for you! Keep being awesome! and a great example! oh so i thought of you this week (a specific time, i think of you guys more than just once throughout the week.) and thought of you telling me, ``slow down, take it easy`` and laughed as i watched crazy Brazilians at a four way stop that no one stops at. haha

This week has been good! It is crazy to think it is March!! Like wow! Where did January go... let alone February haha This week has been very good! I can see and feel when i am not speaking, and when the Lord is through me. It will be a good day when i figure out how to do that always haha but it is so powerful! and I feel so charged, it is crazy haha but we were teaching a recent convert named Mia... the plan of salvation and i just went at it haha it was the longest i have ever spoke, and Sister S. said that i had said everything right. It was amazing! and i want to be able to do that with someone  i just met and always do that. It is still a little difficult not being shy with someone i just met. (Weird right, me being shy ahha) but in Portuguese i am a little bit I am working on it and getting better. 

So yesterday a member came up to us and said he had a referral, i asked later how he knew them and i still don’t understand because he said he didn’t know them. So we walked really far, up and down a lot of really bad stairs that could hardly be called stairs haha and in between houses on stilts to find a little wooden house on stilts with a mint colored door. A cute woman opened the door and she looked pregnant. The member asked if her husband was home, but he was at work. Sis. S. and i introduced us and she asked if we could come in and teach a lesson.  She said yes and we went in. She had a sweet little girl sleeping on a bed. We sat on the edge of the bed because it was a one room house. It was no bigger than your bedroom in Montana. We talked to her and found out she is 21, five months pregnant, Sofia was 1 yr. and she had been married for four years. She is very sweet and we taught the plan of salvation. When she looked confused we asked her what she didn’t understand and we would explain it in a different way until she understood. We taught her to pray and then made an appointment to be back when her husband was home but what are to odds that we would have found her or her little family? We had never been in that part, or knew it even existed but oh how i love her cute family! I can’t wait to teach them with her husband there! What a difference knowing about this gospel would make in their lives!

Elder Cook was awesome! His wife was able to be with him and she is so stinking adorable!! It was nice to hear him talk in English haha then he had someone translate for him. He told us when he was on a mission and companions with Elder Holland that their mission president challenged them to read the whole Book of Mormon really fast with a cheap copy marking all of Christ’s name in read, then read it again slower and mark all the principles to the gospel of Christ in green. Then he challenged us to do the same. I am going to try and do it with O Livro de Mormon. He also told us to study chapter 9 of 2 Nephi as a companionship and wow, we are what 6 verses in, two a day, and it is loaded!! How amazing is it that the last thing to be fulfilled with the Abrahamic Covenant is the gathering of Israel and i looked up Israel and it also means ``true believers of Christ`` and that is exactly what we are doing as missionaries. It was crazy to realize that all of us in the church have a responsibility to fulfill this covenant! Read this chapter, look up the foot notes! It is loaded!

I Love you!! I hope you have a wonderful week! The Lord works in his own due time, and we are to learn what we can until we need to use it!!
Sister Post

Sister M. and i before the devotional
My mom(Sister S.), grandma, and great grandma... dont remember their names hahaha

All missionaries in the Brazil, Manaus Mission :) I am in standing row of Sisters 5th from the right side.

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