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``because of thy faith....`

March 30, 2015


haha haven´t called you that for a while :)

All things are possible when we have Faith in our Lord and Savior!! How many times in the scriptures do we read about ``because of thy faith....`` all things are predicated upon our faith in Jesus Christ! He is the life and light of the world!

I am so excited for General Conference!! How amazing this weekend will be! Yes i watched the General Women’s Conference! It was good! It was kind of a wakeup call to realize that there are white people in the world... just not here! hahaha it was interesting to not hear the voices i know them by but it was still really good! 

So we were walking home from a meeting at the church when i felt someone touch my left shoulder. I jumped and stepped away. It was a homeless man with white dread-locks, dark skin with old cloths. He held out a single pink flower towards me and after a second, i took it. He then continued on the say a whole bunch of blessings. Then said something like, i gave you a gift and now you give me the book and so we gave him our Book of Mormon with the restoration and plan of salvation pamphlets in it. I still have the flower and actually i will send you a picture of it haha. 

Nu.... stepped into the waters of Baptism Saturday!! It was so amazing!! She has such a strong testimony and will continue on the road to conversion!! We surprised her with singing the primary baptism song for her! ``i look to look for rainbows..`` i forgot what it is called haha; anyways Sis. S. sang the first verse in Português and i sang the 1st verse again in English and then we sang the second verse together in Português. She had tears in her eyes and it was such a sweet spirit!! I love Primary songs!!!! They are the sweetest thing in the world!! On a side note: i am trying to memorize “If the Savior Stood Beside Me” in Portugues! It is coming along! I can sing it when i read it, and know the first and last lines...  haha but it is good! I love this song! and ways. Da.... didn´t feel prepared and so we will continue helping her grow her testimony!!
So we finally got a ward mission leader this Sunday! and Wow! what a difference, in one meeting with him! There is something special about having someone to connect the ward to the missionaries! Straight off the bat he was like by our fourth meeting together we will have 2 or more ward missionaries. Bam! haha and he is so excited to help us kick start this ward! it is going to be great!! His name is Carlos and i think of Papa :) he is a good man and will help this ward and us grow!
 Also he said something that was really strong in my heart. He had asked about our lunches, if people were feeding us and we explained that the usual people feed us and then there is a certain few who always give us money. Then he went on to say that it is SO important to have the missionaries for a meal because it is the same as having our Savior, Jesus Christ have a meal with us. Then he went to say it is because we are Representatives of Him, and therefore it is as if He were there and we share what He would share and we lift and share a message that is to strengthen them and lift them. It was like whoah, so continue to feed your missionaries! Enjoy their company! We are trying to do and say exactly what our Lord would do and say. 

All is good! There is something different that happens when i think of the fact that i am representing our Savior. It is such a sweet feeling!

Anyways! i love you! Very, very much!!


Sister Post

Sister S. and i make our first lasagna! it was good :)

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