Wednesday, April 22, 2015

"His Grace"

                                                                                                                                                                                    March 16, 2015


Vida é bem! Eu sou uma representante de Jesus Cristo! Meu proposito é compartilhar um mensagem que vai trazer alegria verdadeiro para os pessoas! Eu sou grata por esse oportunidade que eu posso mudar, e também que eu posso ajudar outros mudar! Quando nós pensamos sobre o que fazer agora, vamos falar com amigos sobre a falsidade que temos quando nós usamos a Expiação de Jesus Cristo!
(Life is good! I am a representative of Jesus Christ! My purpose is to share a message that will bring true happiness to people! I am grateful for this opportunity that i can change, and also that i can help other to change! When we think about what to do now, let’s talk with friends about the happiness we have when we use the Atonement of Jesus Christ!)

-I probably spelt a lot things wrong in English.. haha and i probably didn’t write perfectly in Portuguese but the point is there.
-Oh how lucky we are! That i am! That i grew up knowing these truths! God is our Heavenly Father! and not only that but He wants Us To Be Like Him!! How do we do that?? Through his son, Jesus Christ! How simple of an answer, yet it is a concept that is actually really deep and grand! The way to be like our Heavenly Father is through Grace and i am not talking about ``oh yeah i am so totally saved by grace that i don~t need to do anything now.`` but i am talking about “The Grace.” The Grace that Christ has paid, FOR US! As an INVESTMENT. it is Not a debt we can pay back, nor does he want us to, all he asks is that we USE what he has given us. What was that again, oh right- His Atonement.  We are to use the atonement, to be changed. Through grace we are not only saved, but we are to be CHANGED by it. We are here to learn, grow, and follow the teachings of our Heavenly Father. We are to do our best, and Christ is the difference yes he makes up the difference, but he is our difference! When we feel that we aren~t good enough, Christ is there. When our good is not good enough, it is to Christ. Why? Because Christ paid our debt IN FULL. He didn~t pay it all except a few coins, he paid it in full and why would he do such a thing? Christ the right hand of God, the one who created the earth under the direction of our Heavenly Father, He had all power, yet He did the only thing that can save me and you. For a moment my face was before his in the Garden of gethsemanes: my infirmities, pains, afflictions, (which are nothing compared to what he went through after the Atonement.) and the same with you.
If you want to feel love, joy happiness. I invite all to learn of Christ. I am nothing more than a missionary.. yet i know this truth, through the Holy Ghost we can know all truth and that is what shapes me and guess what, i get to share this with as many people that will open their hearts and you can to. Through this, you will change. I know i have is it worth it? YES! if you pray for the strength of faith over fear, it is yours. Heavenly Father will willingly bless you with it.
And this is my testimony, my rock and we are so blessed! So blessed to be among the few who have this foundation. Thank you mom. and dad. Thank you so much for all the lessons, gospel principals, and teaching me that i am a child of God. I guess i have been listening to ``His Grace is Sufficient`` by Brad Wilcox a lot and i just wanted to share my feelings about Grace.

-This week has been good! There is so much to learn every day! I cannot even write half of the things i have learned! I have so much love and gratitude for my companion, district, zone, and President and Sister Castro. The people we are with are no accident.
-We found Nub.... last Sunday, well she found us haha. All the credit goes to her. She came to church and man does she want to learn! it has been so fun to teach her and see her understanding grow! I am so excited for the next week to teach and help her grow more! she wants to be baptized and man is she ready!

Lessons I am learning:
-lesson 1 i am learning a lot. BE PATIENT. haha you know how i have a hard time with it. but i also learned that it is okay when people don’t want our message. (of course i am really sad) but we are on a search right now. We don’t have time to waste. We are looking for the Elect. Those prepared and ready. We can’t waste time with those with closed hearts. This lesson has only begun. Sometimes it is hard hearing about all these missionaries around us baptizing, baptizing and having people to spare. But there is a plan for all people. Heavenly Father loves all of us more than we can comprehend.
-lesson 2 i am so stinking lucky to have this knowledge. i shared my heart earlier about it. and it still blows my mind thinking about how much we are loved by Christ and Heavenly Father.
-Lesson 3 we are here to guide people to the tree of life. The Love of God. The Gospel of Jesus Christ. The only thing in this world that can save people. give them true happiness, and peace.
-lesson 4 God will place people in your lives to love and care for u. another picture. me and Gladys. she is from Colombia and man is she awesome! I love her to death! and i love everyone down here! it is amazing how much a heart can grow for people you don~t know for a long time. or even after talking to them for 5 minutes on the street.
-lesson 5 think of the positives. There is no use in thinking of negatives. it does no good. haha Por examplo ``é muito calor :(`` haha no i am so grateful for the rain we have right now haha love life and thank Heavenly Father for all the things we have!

I love you!  Sister Post

My drawing of the "Tree of Life"

Mother Mary

Feeling the Saviors Love

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