Monday, April 27, 2015

Sisteeeer Miracles happen!!!

April 27, 2015

Sisteeeer Miracles happen!!!
Look at This:
Só alegria!!! (Only Joy)
D. was so ready! She is awesome! I love her!

And N. bore her testimony and it was so powerful!
Sister S.

AHHHH! So exciting! My babies are being baptized!! I am so happy to have taught D.!! and now next week J. and A. will be baptized too!! Oh the miracles! I am so happy to see this happen!!
Sister Post

April 27, 2015
Oi Mãe!  (Hi Mother!)
I´m glad to hear all is well with you! 
This week has been great! We´ve been teaching an 18 year old girl named Adr... and her mom. They are so awesome!! Eli... needs to be married before being baptized but man, i have something sweet to tell you. Anyways, Adr... was    baptized last night it was amazing! Oh and at her interview one of the Elders ask to Eli..., and what about you, have   you been baptized? and she responded, `´Não Ainda não.`` (no not yet) nossa!!!! estava muito animado!!  ´oh opps and (gosh!!! i was so excited!)
 But man she is so ready! So amazing! and we need to talk to her husband. 
Adr... niece said the cutest thing! i asked her if she like the baptism and she said, ``sim, quero minha mãe e pai e todo de minha familia ser batizado tambem.`` (yes and i want my mom and dad and all of my family to be baptized too.)  

Anyways Sister G. and Sister R. are visiting doing splits with us! They are awesome! It is nice to see Sister G. again! And I absolutely love Sister R.!! ahh she is so cute! and i love how her name in English is Sister Rock :) yeah she ´´rocks`` hahaha  she also speaks English and she has been helping me a lot! And also today is two weeks of all Portuguese, thought you~d like to know that haha  Anyways so they are up helping us out and it helps out a lot that Sister G. served here already so she is going to go with Sister V. and talk to all her old contacts tomorrow and Sister R. and i will visit our investigators together. It will be good :) 

 Life is full of love and joy! But it is necessary for us to know hardship and pain before we can truly enjoy the good times! It is amazing to know that there is a specific plan for each of us, not just a general plan for everyone, but we each have a path, one grander and more joyous than we can imagine! Planned for us, if we but look for the Lord for his guidance! 
Eu sei que vive meu Senhor! Sei que Ele nós ama, e nós conhece. Vida nunca era fácil para neguem. mas, com o perspectivo do eternidade, nosso fardos estão pequeno comparado para o tempo depois esta vida. como o Senhor falou para Joseph Smith que esta por um pouco tempo. Nosso Irmão Jesus Cristo nós conhece! E ele vai nós ajuda! com todas as coisas em nosso vidas! Eu amo você! Eu sou muito obrigada por nosso família! E por o conhecimento de famílias eternas!
(I know that my Redeemer lives! I know that He loves u, and we know Life was never easy to deny, but with the perspective of eternity, our burdens are small compared to the time after this life. As the Lord told Joseph Smith, “Our brother Jesus Christ knows! And He will help us! With all things in our lives!” I love you! I am thank you for our family! And the knowledge of eternal families!)

com todo de minha coração,
with all of my heart,

Sister Post 
My Zone; just want you to know I have been 2 weeks now of total Portuguese... not one of them speak English.

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