Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tomorrow marks three months of being here!

April 12, 2015


 It is crazy to think that tomorrow marks three months of being here! Wow so crazy! I have grown so much here is Cachoeirinha! and will be staying to train a new missionary named Sister M.! Crazy eh! She will be coming in from São Paulo tomorrow. aya! haha    JK :) that is Sister S., on that note i am actually being transferred! and it is really sad to leave. Wow my first one. Kind of crazy. haha and i will be going 4 hours away by bus to a smaller city of Itacoatiara. From what I’ve heard it is pretty much paradise. So yay! My new companion is Sister V.! Actually you already know what she looks like. She is in the picture of us with the water balloons also she was Sister S.´s companion for a day before i popped in :) anyways we will be opening the area and starting fresh so yay! It will be lots of good work! :) Luckily Sister S. and i pretty much did that here haha so i kind of got an idea of what to do. So yay.

The Lord works in mysterious ways! That is for sure! but ``it is given to us to know the secrets of the kingdom!`` I know there will never be an experience in any of our lives where we don’t grow from it. Because either we don’t grow in the moment, then regret it and then grow from the experience afterwards or we take the challenge head on and grow in the experience! I think i like the second one better haha :) so it is time to start growing again! yay ahha

Here is Jul... and Alc.... they were really sad our last visit. Jul.. said, ``you can’t go, the president can’t send you. He doesn~t have my permission.`` haha it was really cute! I got a sweet confirmation that they will receive the blessings of Baptism one day, and better then that the blessings of the Temple! They are so cute!

Here is Grac....! She is the one who studied all those religions and had the Book of Mormon already.  She is working very hard! I am also excited for her to keep progressing! She cried when we said bye. It was really sad. Saying bye is really hard. 

Here is a family i love! The girl in the purple and white dress is Kel.... We reactivated her and man is she glowing! I love her so much! It was really hard to say bye to her and her family! They remind me a lot of our family! Only a lot crazier! haha i love it :)

Everyone here is so full of love! and i can just love everyone here! It is like really easy to do! haha so that is nice, but saying bye is hard, we all cry together. haha anyways i love you! i hope you keep watching out for dad and don’t let him eat to many fries ;) he needs to get healthy :) I love you! Very, very much!

Sister Post

ps. i won’t get the package. i leave tonight. so i will get it in a few weeks when we have Zone interviews with President Castro probably. It will be a very exciting day when i get it though! Thanks for everything!

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