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Eu Amo Conferencia de Estaca!

March 23, 2015
So this weekend we had stake conference too! and my goodness! it was like MISSIONARY WORK! you think the Lord was trying to tell us all something... you know... hahaha but like at the adult session on Saturday it was about Synergy! hahaha it was awesome! i thought of Clint :) some things i got out of it were Christ understood his calling, do I? and that is a question we all need to ask ourselves. then you would think, well how do i know my calling in life? i have the perfect solution! well i don~t  have it, you all have it. It is called..... your Patriarchal Blessing! That is how the Lord lets us know Our Calling in this life, and How we understand it as ``He understood his`` is through reading it often, and studying things in it. It is no wonder that General Authorities always say read your Patriarchal Blessings. 
Another thing I learned is that a Follower of Christ knows his teachings, but a Disciple of Christ teaches them. it made me remember what David A. Bednar said at the Eureka Stake conference in October when i was at home. He said ``Are you acting participators in the Lord`s Work, or merely members of his church.`` Wow! What a sentence! Are we actively involved?? 
Lastly at the Adult session i remembered a talk given in the MTC that Elder Ballard gave. He told us to WAKE UP! and when we wake up in the morning tell ourselves this. ``This is the work of the Lord!`` then i though of the talk Elder Utchdorf gave to the mission presidents three years ago. the talk President Harding gave Justin when ``Elder Green`` said to his companion ``I am a Disciple of Christ, and I fear No One.`` 
Then at the Sunday conference it was really good also! but the main thing is that Christ will never open Our doors, but He will ALWAYS knock! Whether we hear it, or choose to ignore it, it is all up to us.
Lastly, Ele Vive! I know that my Redeemer lives! He knows us, each of us better then we know ourselves! because he went through all our lives already. He knows with Exactness what we feel and go through. and His victory is complete. Will we complete our missions here on earth? I don~t know what all your missions are, but i am very blessed to know mine. I love my Patriarchal Blessing! I read it almost every night! We can become the people that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know we can become! Light upon light, we all start at the bottom of the Ladder! All He asks is that we Follow him! start up the ladder! If there is a rung missing, he will lift us above it! We just need to keep moving!
So Saturday we took Jul.. and Alc... to visit the Temple! and they loved it! The Spirit was so strong! We sang I am a Child of God and Families can be Together Forever to them and I am so excited for them to one day go to the temple and be sealed! Both said they want to! Yay for Eternal Families!! 
Nub... and Day.... will be baptized this Saturday!! Yay! Nub.. is so amazing! She studies the Scriptures and understands everything! and She had a dream that confirmed it! The faith of the people down here! Wow! i am so excited for her! from the first time we taught her is see her in white going to the temple, but of course she needs to go in white to step into the waters first haha but the Temple is our goal! Baptism is the Gate on which we begin our journey! Day... is a daughter to Glad...s, a sweet lady from Columbia,

i sent a picture with her last week, and sister to Liz. She is so cute and i am so excited for her! She has been studying with her mom and sister! it is awesome!
Todo mundo missionários! (Everyone missionaries!) the Prophets from Joseph Smith down have all said that. Every member a missionary. It is true! and Like in David A. Bednar`s talk last General Conference that Christ`s church has always been a missionary church. (something close to that. you can look it up for a reminder ) haha to end i will leave you with my testimony in my awesome broken Português! haha
Eu sei que todos nós podemos ser feliz. Que ele é só por meio a expiação que nós podemos mudar. Podemos tentar, mas se nós queremos fazer uma mudança em nossos coração,  Precisamos ter fé. Fé que podemos mudar, que Cristo vai nós ajuda, que Ele é nosso Salvador. Depois você vai sentir o desejo arrepender-se. quando nós fazemos um ação isso esta onde nós começar mudar. Fé é e sempre ser uma palavra de ação. Eu sei que nosso Pai Celestial nós ama! Ele nós quer ter alegria em nossas vidas! Que nós desfrutamos todas coisas em nossas vidas! Eu sei que Ele nós Conhece. Nós temos dois pessoas celestial que nós conhecem e querem nós voltar para Eles. Nós conseguimos! Quando usamos fé, arrependimento, tomar a sacramento, orar por o Espírito Santo, e continua fazer estas coais e perseverar ate o fim. Eu vocês amo! Em o nome de Jesus Cristo, Amém.
 another reason for the subject line, the members gave us food! yay!
and stuff to make lasanha! yay! haha :)
(I know we can all be happy. It is only through the atonement that we can change. We can try, but if we want to make a change in our heart, must have faith. Faith that we can change, that Christ will help us, that He is our Savior. Then you will feel the desire to repent. When we do an action so this where we start changing . Faith is and always be an action word. I know that our Heavenly Father loves us! He wants us to have joy in our lives! We enjoy all things in our lives! I know that He knows us. We have two heavenly people we know and we want to return to them. We did it! When we use faith, repentance, take the sacrament, pray for the Holy Spirit and continue to do this and persevere to the end. I love you! In the name of Jesus Chris , Amen.)

Amo você! ( I love You!)
Com total amor em meu coração,
(With total love in my heart;)

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