Monday, May 4, 2015

This week I learned so Much!

May 4, 2015

Oi Mãe! (Hello Mother!)

Wow! They look so cute!! Man i love, love, love, receiving pictures of everyone!! Wow another week gone! I am so excited to talk to with everyone this Sunday!!! Wow already!! haha oh mom i sent a package home with Sister Maughan, and she should have sent it your way any day, but if not call her grandma :) i have your mother~s day present in there :)
This week i learned so much!

So splits with Sister R. and Sister G. were AMAZING!! Wow how i love, love, love these two sisters!! I learned lots of things from Sister R.!! She taught me that i can just speak straight out in one sentence and not lots. When we were talking one night she was giving me advice and she said something that has really hit home to me. She said that an Apostle said that the language you are called to preach in on your mission is the language you can testify of Christ the best in! I feel like that is true! in English i get all jumbled with my words because i know English and i want to say it and give it justice, you know, so i talk and talk and talk but don’t hit it on the nail so to speak and in Portuguese i can share still a basic testimony, but as Sister R. told me, it has power behind it. It was so nice to get feedback from her! She helped me out so much! And now I’m not so scared to talk to someone on the street! 

I am starting to understand the culture here! And am trying to adapt and use the language they use here, because it is way different then what i use. I use proper stuff, which is good, but i want then to understand me right, so i am trying to know the proper, and speak to them how they will connect and understand. It is a working process haha. 
Oh with E. and L., well he has changed a lot! And this week E. was in a lot of pain so we had the Elders come over and give her a blessing, and she is doing so much better! I talked to L. about how he could have the same authority to bless her and his family and he said he will! And he will stay strong!  He went to visit his son so tonight we will see him. I love E. so, so much! She is so amazing and has such strong faith!! I am so excited to help them get married and start on the path to happiness!!!
It is so amazing this area! I have experiences all the time where i literally feel my heart grow bigger!! It is through touches of the spirit, following a prompting, making someone who is sad smile, sharing a scripture that uplifts! and what a difference it is to know the scriptures so that i can have a scripture come to mind and it helps another person! I am starting to really understand the scriptures of Portuguese! and wow the different things i get out of them!! Because the words are different right, and i get a whole different meaning! It is amazing!! I still love, love, love chapter nine of second Nephi!! It is so good! and all the footnotes it is like mind blowing! We are so blessed to have all these footnotes and everything in English because there is more in English then in Portuguese. Seriously haha 
i am adapting the theory of tomorrow will be better haha :) because every day has its ups and downs and it is good to think of how tomorrow will be better. Though i look at today and say what was good and what needs to be worked on, i think i have started to feel a little lighter and not so down on myself about what i should and shouldn~t have done in this day, but to start to see those and then say well tomorrow i won’t, or will do this differently :) haha
One thing i am also learning is how Heavenly Father places us where we are and with the people we are with to stretch us just the right way, help us grow the right way that we can adapt and be better.  I am still learning lots of Portuguese and still don’t know a lot but it is fun now talk to someone off the street and they ask how long have you been here and when i say four months they always say serio! Haha( like really!) haha it is good :) day by day, moment by moment, we see miracles happen, every day they happen, some small, some larger than others, but they are the same.! Continue to listen to the spirit! and say hi to people on the streets! it is fun! Because a lot of people now days don’t talk to no one on the street, they are stuck in their busy or sad, or happy worlds. but when someone says hi and smiles, it like brightens their face. it is cool haha or others just look at you weird, but what they don’t say or show is that really you saying hi or good afternoon made them a little bit lighter inside :)
This week is good! Yes i am the same, normally agora (now) i run into corners of walls and things like that. It’s not fun with my left shoulder still.. but it is sempre (always) my left shoulder hahah
Ummm this week... i got to see a really cool bird!! and hold a baby turtle :) those were cool. 
Here is a cool bird! It is a pet and so pretty! We asked if we could see it and the lady was like ya! haha we will be returning there ;)
 Oh funny thing, in Portuguese they don’t have a word for awkward all they have is like guilt or discomfortable. haha but boy do i have a lot of discomfortable moments, very awkward. i think it is funny when people talk really fast and then i ask then to speak a little bit slower and then they talk to me like i~m deaf... and stupid... haha fun times :) Portuguese is becoming natural to talk in but i still don’t know a lot of words... haha i know the basics of conversations and how to preach the gospel but when people start talking about certain topics.. yep i~m out hahaha but it is good. I ask lots of questions.
I love you all! and look forward to skyping and seeing and talking with you all next Sunday!! I love, love, love the Lord, and our Heavenly Father!! They love us more then we can even imagine!! Keep being amazing!
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