Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Happy Mothers Day

May 10, 2015
It was so awesome to talk to everyone last night! It is really weird being the one here, and not there... haha “the missionary”  i guess reality hit me again last night haha when you get used to something it becomes normal, and then when you realize that what you doing isn’t something normal you have to reevaluate yourself and your situation. haha but man what an amazing opportunity that you and dad have allowed me to experience! Last night felt like thirty minutes of talking, but i know it was much longer! I am so grateful for the technology we have now a days to be able to skype :) 

This week we will have a tour of the mission by Elder and Sister Schmeil of the seventy this week. That will be fun and a spiritual uplift! yay! I like how they have these kind of things haha
This past week i have really gotten comfortable taking the lead and starting and ending our lessons. It is kind of fun haha :) i love to just testify of Christ! and the plan that our Heavenly Father has for us! It is also nice that when i do testify now i don’t see the blank look in their eyes anymore because of my Portuguese hahah
I know without a doubt that Heavenly Father is helping me with my Portuguese! There is no way, no-way i could learn this while not being a missionary. Remember when i tried to learn Spanish? haha yeah, this is a miracle. Remember words, seeing wording becoming meanings and not translated words of English, it is all one huge miracle! I love the small little moments when i realize that the spirit is here, or when i speak and it is Portuguese it just feels good. I don’t know how to explain it but i am excited for it to keep growing! I still need to learn a lot more words, but i think the change is starting to take place in my mind. i~m not translating as much, and some days i am but when i learn words, that’s what they are, the word for the object, feeling, or whatever things and not a word that means the same in Inglês. It is beginning! haha yay!
Give my love to baby Lydia this week for me! I love you! and you looked so beautiful yesterday!! i love you!

the sun is shining and tonight we will be teaching three families! so yay! i am excited!
i thought you would like these quotes of a talk i read this morning waiting for my laundry to finish.  

it likes to rain here haha and i like how people drive with umbrella’s here too :) haha

 here is a picture of the sun set :) 

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