Friday, May 22, 2015


Transfer time again! and (drum roll please). . . . . . I am staying with Sister Vega another round until she leaves to her house this next month! I love it here and am excited to stay in this area!! So some notes from our conference. It was amazing :)
Sister Castro:
Attributes of Christ! Funny thing, when Elder cook was here his wife said, ``we need to developed Christ like attributes until we are safely dead!´´ isn’t that the truth of it! haha so i will continue to work on it! 
President Castro:
 Fé!!! I need to teach, live and breathe more faith! And this transfer have enough faith to leave English behind :)
Sister Schemeil:
All things are done through the Lord! When we study we only remember a part, so we need to study lots to remember more :) and then the Spirit will bring that small portion to our minds. Our manna in our days is our daily scripture study. That is our dependence upon the lord! The Israelites needed a physical reminder of the Lord, and we need to find our own manna. We are stronger than them! Let us use our manna and ``enjoy the fruit there in!`` if not we won’t be eating of the bread of life, and therefor will have hunger for the words of Christ. We have to choose!
Elder Schemeil:
Plan! If we want a successful life after the mission, we dang better learn how to plan in the mission. haha we need to ask the Lord for things! Then he will bless us! What good does it do if he just gave us everything? What lesson would we learn? haha the Spirit is EVERYTHING! We NEED him in our lives! Is it easy? No, but it is possible to see miracles in our lives daily! When we continue to be converted unto the lord! With the 10 virgins, only 5 were converted through daily drops of knowledge, and spiritual experiences that slowly converted them. The other 5 only had testimonies that weren~t enough for the Lord to ´´recognize`` them. In all things testify! Remember that this is a grand joy! And always pray for the Lord to help many, many times, and then have the faith and hope that whatever happens, is in accordance to His will; Not ours. There are many good talks in the April Liahona! The one that talks about weaknesses and sin is amazing! I wish i had known that stuff before! But seriously! Read the Liahona! It is modern day scriptures! There is a page in there that says something like the words of the living prophets are always more important than those of a dead prophet. Wow how powerful is that!

Here are some drawings, one is a sketch of Christ i did on the bus coming back from Manaus. it is a little scratchy but isn~t too bad for doing it on the bus haha and the other is a little abstract of planting a seed through reading the Book of Mormon and then in the shadow shows the tree of life in the place of his heart and yeah haha

Anyways i love you!
Keep taking care of dad! And give him a hug for me! And tell him to give you one back for me :)
Sister Post

This is Sister Arbuckle from Denver Colorado! She is so stinking cute! We stayed together the night before conference, and we talked and talked and i told her all the things that were happening were normal and she is so cute! haha she arrived the transfer after me, and is doing so well with Portuguese! I hope one day we will be companions! If not we’ll be friends after the mission for sure :) 

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