Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Teaching Sunday School

May 25, 2015


I am doing better :) this week i learned a lot about myself. One thing i learned yesterday is that i love to teach Gospel Principles class on Sundays!! Wow! So we show up to church and they are like yep you are going to teach today and Sister V. turned to me and i was like; well then.. haha so i didn~t prepare anything, how could ? i didn~t know i was going to teach.  So i found the next chapter, read the headings of the sections, and then just started talking. At first i kind of rambled about the topic and then it was like a wave of change just happened all of a sudden i was seeing lines in the book stand out that we read, and i asked people questions and then they shared powerful testimonies and we all learned together! The Spirit helped a lot! haha It was like the words were in my mind and I just spoke a lot of different things. Then i would look down at the book when someone was talking and read ahead to find that i~d already talked about what was to come. After the class Sister V. told me i gained her trust with teaching haha and others said that the spirit was really strong in there. It was way cool!

Another thing i learned; i feel things really deep. haha like when i learned this week that a woman we had just met named Maria split from her husband i felt so much sorrow and she isn~t in our area anymore and i don’t have contact with her but i feel that she will come in contact with the church again. Other things have happened this week where i just felt so much for people, and then i found this scripture today in John 15:13 ´´Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.`` It is talking about Christ how no one has more love than he; he who calls us friends and in turn all he asks is that we first love the Father; Heavenly Father and Him, Jesus Christ. Then love your neighbor. If we can develop even a portion of the Love they, Christ and God have for us, our bodies would hum with love from our toes to our head.

Then i found this scripture today 1 Corinthians 10:13 ´´There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able to bear it.`` Wow what a scripture! and it is so true! Why would we be here to fail? He would never do that to us! We first need to be willing, and then try with the help of Him we can overcome anything and everything that could happen in life!
Then this scripture will happen Philippians 4:7 ´´The peace of God, which passeth all understanding`` this is the greatest feeling in the whole world. Once upon a time i asked, how would i know that i am forgiven?? And the only thing people said was, you will know and it is exactly like the scripture says, it is beyond our understanding this feeling.

This is the message to the world! :) I love being a part of it!

 So here’s the story about Sister A.
hahaha Sister A! i love her :) she is cute :) so last week when we went to Manaus for the tour of the 70 we were told we were staying in a missionary home that hasn~t had missionaries in there. So we show up and there are three sisters who were going to their home. and then when we got to the house we found out there were five beds! yay perfect! One for each of us! Then we found out that three more sisters were coming to stay there too... hahaha  i heard that there was a missionary with who has been out 7 months who is from Cape Verde; e um americana que tem 4 (and an American who has been out 4 months); e (and) another who just finished training with the sister leaving to go home and it was like already 11 at night. Given this area of the house isn~t the best for us sisters to be walking around at night, then we have an American, Cape Verde and a greenie walking around and us sisters are thinking, where are they; anyways they finally show up around 11:30ish and i see the Cape Verde sister and we talked lots cuz she and i have talked before and i was terrible at speaking then, so she said i am a bajilion times better now hahaha then i saw Sister A. and i like was like ahhhh!!!! and gave her a huge hug! Because she was trained by Sister R. who was my sister training leader, and so we just talked and talked. Then came the situation of the beds.. haha and so we were trying to figure out who was going to share beds and they were like well Sister Post where do you want to sleep, i laughed and looked at Sister A. and said, with the American of course! bahaha it was funny because everyone made jokes and such. Then we stayed up for another couple hours talking and shared my shoulder story and just talked about her experience and the language and all things normal haha :) but i love her, she is so stinking cute! :)

 até próxima semana! muah!!   (until next week! Muah!!)

Sister Post
Our district now, elder far left, is from Texas forgot his name, it is a weird one. Then the white one if from Massachusetts... also he has a really weird long name but he isn~t in our district he was waiting for his companion to arrive. he~s gone now. Then Elder F, yeah he is crazy, then Elder L, then our new district leader Elder L, from Cape Verde. He is way cool! I like him a lot.

fancy Sunday with my comp :)

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