Tuesday, June 2, 2015


June 2, 2015

Mom and Everyone!
 Well this week was a little crazy!  We saw miracles! First off; Eliane and Lucio:  here is a story for you; so last transfer we set dates for them to be married and to have a baptismal service, and Lucio had a back slide and didn~t talk to us at all and we keep talking and teaching Eliane and she started to look for another house so that she could be baptized! (she is so amazing! she has so much faith! that she has seen angels and had so many amazing dreams and had a dream of the temple, though she thought it was another chapel but when she said they were all in white Sister Vega and i looked at each other knowing she had just described being in the temple with her mom one day! anyways) so,  we went to their house, this last week because Lucia called from upstairs to where we were in the kitchen and talked with Eliane then she handed me the phone and said he wanted to talk. So i talked with him and he said he wanted us to come over the next day at 7 so that we could talk and i agreed and then we hung up. When we returned the next day they weren't there and i was thinking no, please, no. (like i have so much love for this family, i want nothing more than them to come unto Christ and save their family) and so we talked with Adriele, after like 20 minutes they walk in together and sat down at the table everyone else leaves so it is just us four. We share small talk for a little bit and then i just let it go. I talked so straight forward and was like look if you want to protect your family from what is going on, you need Christ. If you want to stay with Eliane, you need Christ and i have no idea what all i said, but like for an hour i talked to them about lots of things. Then Eliane said if he wanted her to stay in their house he was to marry her, and then we set a date (tomorrow) to go to the marriage place and get them started and then i marked the 20th of June for their baptism! It was a huge (miracle) milagre! and now i need muito, muitos (many, many) prayers for them! Please, please pray for them!! Please! 
Another miracle, so this week was like the first time since being here that members have given us referrals and we contacted them and like half of them are already golden! I don~t know if i said this before but i love teaching gospel principles!! So this week we had a lot of progression! And i am so excited for this week! Keep praying! I feel the strength of your prayers! Keep being awesome and a good example! I love you so much! I love the quote and i am so excited to read the talk! 
I heard about Elder Perry, it is sad, i will miss him but how amazing were his last words in General Conference!
MISSIONARY WORK! It is so crucial that the members help! Missionaries can’t do anything without their help! It is so, so, so very hard! I understand that now!! So if you have a fear (this is for anyone that reads) of talking or sharing the gospel, have the missionaries teach you the restoration!! Receive this lesson! and you will feel the power needed, you will remember why this is so important! This message has the same importance as the Angels who announced Christ´s Birth!! The Gospel of Christ is again on the earth! I know this is true! I know that we have a Prophet who speaks with Jesus Christ, who knows Him! I know we have Apostles who also speak and Know Him!! This is Huge!"!! So many people don’t know this! Revelation is back! and we need to walk towards our salvation, we can’t sit back and think all we have to do is believe; no, the gospel Christ taught was not one of ``convenience`` (The Convenient Messiah-Elder Holland) no, we need to ``learn heaven`` and `practice` for it. We will all receive immortal bodies. what is to be determined is how long we plan on staying is God`s presence, and how comfortable we plan on being by him. (Brad Wilcox-His Grace is Sufficient.) 
Keep being awesome! I love you!!!
I miss frozen yogurt so I bought some yogurt and stuck it in the freezer and made my own haha :)
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