Monday, June 8, 2015

The heat has started to kick it up a few knots.

June 8, 2015
Oi Mom and Everyone!!!
eh... This month will mark six months here in Brazil in like one week.. so yeah crazy haha I don’t think I remember how things work in the states because the things that I thought were weird when I arrived are now normal haha funny how that works :P

This week: wow! This week has been amazing!! We had splits with Sister R. e Sister J., something really cool. So Sister J. is my ``grandma`` because she was Sister S.´s (trainer) trainadora! Wow I love Sister J. so, so much! It was such a good two days with her! It was like I was back with Sister S. it was so good! haha we taught so well together! Anyways I learned so much from her! She is so cute! 
Week of miracles! So guess what happened last Tuesday? I seriously think that it was a huge miracle haha so we went to the house of Eli and Luc. Clapped; clapped; clapped; waited, waited, waited, clapped; clapped; clapped…. waited, more and more. The whole time I am just praying right, please, please let them be here and ready to go to the (court house) cartorio. After like five minutes I was really sad, then we were like, one last time and we clapped and waited again. When we were about to walk away we paused and heard someone walking towards the door! They were there! So we went in and talked with them and they were like, we will wait two more weeks for the check from work to pay for it, and i was like so happy because I had a really good feeling about it getting done and then we asked if they found witnesses and she was like yeah you two, and I was like no, we aren’t Brazilians we can’t be your witnesses and then they were stressed but then I was like but you have your daughter and I will call an elder. (we only have one elder who is Brazilian the rest of us in our district are from other countries) and we got him to go to the place, we went to the place, and it all got put together and on the 27th of June they will be married, baptized, and have a reception! yay! What a process! Going from working with them all last transfer to having it all come together is amazing!  Luc liked church Sunday! Lots of people talked with them and Eme and Wes told me the things they learned in primary. It was a good week :) when i asked Wes what he learned he said ``coisas de Deus`` like things of God haha it was funny.
Another miracle. So a teenager that was a referral opened our way to talk to his mom. So last Sunday he came to church, and this week we went looking for him. I was with Sister J., and Aida, his mom, was in the house and we asked if we could share a small message with her and she accepted it really openly. Then Saturday when I returned with Sister V. we taught the plan of salvation and she had a problem with being baptized again, and i explained what is needed and then it like clicked and she accepted! Sunday she came to church and really like it! So I am really excited to help her family be baptized!
The work is picking up and I feel like I have like no time! Well I always felt like I didn't have enough time in the day to do things but right now it is really busy. haha it is fun :) also we have a cute couple, Sab and Iza that we are teaching. She is this crazy bubbly girl, and he is like quiet and doesn't talk to us and it is funny to see them together because she is crazy haha but they are cute and progressing. 
The heat has started to kick it up a few knots.... like yeah, I can’t even lay down and not sweat, standstill, or literally if I do nothing, I am still sweating buckets.. haha
My body is doing better! yay haha I have allergies pretty good down here, It is funny because I have a smokers cough that is really loud and strong and people look at me weird all the time haha it is funny. 
haha photos:  
Oh and I cut my hair.. haha boa sorte. ;P
us four in our apartment 
 I think the last photo was of an area of water.?
So the water rises up and we have to walk on what is called a ponte (bridge), which is just a wooden walkway, to visit people in certain areas.  My companion has like a hard core fear of walking of them, so I have to hold her hand and walk her across and it is really funny when people try to pass because she doesn’t move from the middle board, and usually it only has three.. haha 

Anyways keep working hard :) I love you!
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