Monday, June 29, 2015

Hurrah for Israel!

June 29, 2015

oi pai! (Hi Dad)

Funny stories! haha so I think it was Saturday. We went to this all you can eat pizza buffet, where they bring pizzas around and if you want it you lift your plate and they will slap a piece of pizza on it so after we started eating they told me it was like 26 reis (Brazilian money) to eat there haha and I don’t have that much money and so I asked Elder W. (the elder with blue eyes) how much he would make me eat if he paid the bill. He told me 16 pieces of pizzas so we ate and ate and ate. He ate 30 pieces and then puked afterwards I ate 16 pieces and am still dying haha it was really bad but really funny. Another elder ate 25 and he and I were like dying together haha it was really funny and so Elder W. paid for both of us haha it was funny. 
Today I got the package! yay! I am so excited to eat real candy! Also I got to know the parents of Elder O! They are so cool! So I was talking with Elder O´s dad and I told him how I couldn’t play volleyball with the elders and he laughed and said well they didn’t say you couldn’t play with a dad haha and so we played volleyball together for a little bit, it was fun :) he is cool! They have 7 kids! and 4 already served missions and one will go on one next month! They are really cool! I like them :) keep working hard!
I love you!!

Sister Post 

oi mãe! (Hi Mom)

Yeah it is weird what men are doing but it is making a clear and definite line between man and God. We cannot change the way of God, but we can stray from Him. We need to stand more firm now than ever. Live what we believe, and show the world our light!
Wow I can’t believe Syd will be getting married! Crazy! Tell her congrats for me! 

Eli. and Luc. were married and baptized last Tuesday!! With the daughter of Luc.! We did it Tuesday because we came here to Manaus Wednesday. I don't have my camera card with the photos of them because I gave it to Elder O´s mom for her to take to the states to send to you! It will be much safer and you can see all the photos of the last nine months! haha starting with the MTC the first time! So yay!

I met the parents of Elder O! They are really cool! I like them! They also brought me root beer and salt and vinegar chips and peanut butter! Yay I am so excited to eat all of the candy you sent! I will share it with my new companion!! Yay! And boas novas!! (good news!!) I will stay in Itacoatiara!! and I will...... HAVE A DAUGHTER! haha I know I joked about this like the last two transfers but this time I am not calling wolf... haha there is a picture to prove it :) her name is Sister B. from São Paulo. She looks really cute! And I am so excited! Wow crazy!! I have only been here for six months and I will train! The Lord is showing a lot of faith in me, and now I will solely rely on him for guidance haha. I am excited to just work ,work, work and help this sister have the best time while serving our Lord and Savior!

So I have been here in Manaus since Wednesday. I have been reading lots of the Book of Mormon and now trying to prepare for this big leap haha. We went to the temple! So we have another sister with Sister V. and I her name is Sister M. and she will go home too but we went to the temple and they were waiting for a sealing and I thought hey let’s do a session before the sealing so I thought it would start at nine, no it started at 8:30 and it was 8:20 so I was like we can make it. So we went in and changed really fast and made it to the session. I watched the door waiting for Sister V. to walk in and they shut the door. I was like oh, so I went through a session without my companion.
 It was so cool! I understood everything in Portuguese! Mind blowing! It was so spiritual! And then I asked if I could wait in the celestial room for my companion and I stayed there for an hour and half reading the Book of Mormon. It was so peaceful and was the spiritual strength I needed! Now I am pumped and so ready just to return back to Itacoatiara because it seriously is the worst feeling being here and not in my area working. But tomorrow Sister B. will arrive and we will return home to Itacoatiara! Yay!! I am so, so excited to get to know her and to work with her and to help her grow! So excited!

Also crazy story in the area we stayed in with sisters we went to church with them yesterday and this girl walked up to me and said, do you know Sister B.?  I was like uhhh yeah and she was like yeah I was her companion before I came home and I was like no way! And she showed me pictures and talked to me about Sister B. and I was like owwwwww hole in the heart.. haha but it is cool to talk to a companion of hers :) anyways that pretty much sums up everything.  Remember Sister B. was my companion in MTC when I dislocated my shoulder and was there caring for me after my surgery?

I am so excited to return to Itacoatiara! I just have to wait two more days and then I can work again. I am having like withdrawls from working. Like antsy and stuff ahaha but this transfer will be the best! I am excited! 

Hurrah for Israel! I know this is the Work of the Lord! That if we let him, he will shape and mold us to be better and the person he needs. That person he can change us into is way better then what ever person we can be by ourselves. We need the Lord! And through him we can change! We can be strong! And we can lift up others! We are here to help others return to our Heavenly Father with their families! So doing the covenants for ourselves isn~t enough for us to return. The Lord depicted this with the story I talked about last week. We need to more or less leave everything and follow him. In this process to lead others in his pathway also the Lord is shaping us to return to his presence through trials, callings, work, people, school, and whatever else we have in our lives. If we rely on the Lord, we will see that our lives are starting to reflect the perfect life of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
 His work is true, and so is his gospel. This is the way back to him. There is no other way under heaven that we can be saved. 2 nephi 32:21. He is the way, the light and the life of each one of us, if we choose to let him have a part in our lives. If we choose to let him shape us, we will change. This life here on earth is TO CHANGE, progress, be better, learn but most of all to change and to become LIKE Christ. It is possible through the saving atonement of the Lord. So choose today :) choose tomorrow and every day when we wake up choose again to let him in your life!
He is the Prince of Peace, and can give that to us. Who doesn’t want peace in this crazy world we live in? In reality it is only through our Savior and Redeemer that we can feel real peace, lasting peace, peace and love that comes with the knowledge that we are children of a LOVING Heavenly Father, who prepared the way for us if we but choose.
I know with all my heart that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are waiting for us to let them walk with us. They are not waiting for us at the finish line, but will walk with us every step of the way but we need to make that choice. They love us enough not to force us to do anything and so they continue to call for us to go to them. And in that action of our first step, they will walk on our left and our right sides. I know this is true! I have felt it! It is a peace beyond comparison. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior, that through him we CAN return to our Heavenly Father WITH our families. I also know that it is only through making and keeping covenants with our Father in Heaven that the door is opened for us to walk back to his presence. Covenants made through the proper authority and power of God, the holy Priesthood. I know that through the Prophet Joseph Smith that God established the Priesthood again on the earth. We have a living Prophet of God! President Thomas S. Monson! I know that it is Christ who guides this, His church today through the Prophet! I know that God is the same yesterday, today and always and he has always worked through prophets.
I leave this my testimony with you guys in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

I love you mom!


Sister Post

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