Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Great times, great times.

June 22, 2015
Wow sounds like you did have a very busy week!! I can't believe how time is seriously flying by!! Boy do I have some stories for you this week haha great times, great times. 
So this week I like had the coolest and spiritual experience ever!  So a friend of mine sent me the seminar from the mission presidents of last year, and I read it and man is it so good! It talks about when Jesus talked to the rich teen and the teen asked what do I need to do to enter heaven and Christ said, “keep my commandments” and then guy was happy because he already did that and then Christ said something else that was harder for him to hear. He said that he needed to sale all he had and give it to the poor, then follow him, but the guy couldn’t give up his possessions and went on his way sad. What Christ was teaching him was of the law of Consecration and then the talk continued on about how a mission really has success on how well the missionaries learn to live this law. Then I was reading the other day in 2 Nephi 2 which pretty much explains why we are here and having free agency and such.
Anyways to the next part of the story. 
So we went to the house of an investigator and he had his brother there. So we sat down and his brother is dang smart in the Bible and researched lots of stuff. So we started to teach him about the Restoration when I felt that he was holding on to something and I was like you can ask questions haha we are here for you. So then he went on and was talking really fast and was talking about so many things in the Bible and I was responding to everything. (not that I am smart but really the spirit was teaching me what to say, pulling things to my memory and like it was really a moment were I was a part of something much bigger than just him and I talking.) and like he would stand up and talk and sit back down and I was smiling lots and we just like talked about so many things and like there is pretty much no way I should have understood half of what he said, but I understood it all. Then in a way I don’t know, I pulled it back to the Restoration and finished explaining things and then like wow. We talked about that story of Christ with the rich man and about Adam and Eve and gosh he was going all over the place, but for an hour and half I just watched the spirit talk through me. It wasn't me. Heck no haha I don't even remember half the things I said or what he said, only that in the moment everything made perfect sense.
He was confused, and didn’t know how to find the truth and I gave him the Book of Mormon and said read, it will clarify everything and he was like nothing in this will deny the Bible and I was like no. It will be in perfect harmony with the Bible and clarify what you don’t understand. It was quite the night and still now I feel amazed that I witnessed that, haha. Anyways it was good :) we will be visiting him again haha I like them, they are really searching for the truth and not just going to church because everyone does that here.
Anyways miracles! Eli. and Luc. will be married tomorrow! yay! And Eli. will finally be able to be baptized!! She is so excited! Luc.´s daughter wants to be baptized with Eli.! So pretty much this week has been full of action, and love, and testimony growing and Miracles! 
 Just want to say, when stress is around always, always we can find peace in reading the Book of Mormon. Really! It has a power that I can’t even express, because within every verse we will find the words of Our Heavenly Father, who knows how we are feeling and who wants to comfort us. He can’t force us to feel love or calm, but will continually wait for us to go to him, read his words and through that action of reading he will speak to us though the words, and to our hearts through the Holy Ghost! We need to make the decision first! But really it is the best place to start!
1-pray :) 2- read the Book of Mormon J 3-feel the love of your Heavenly Father :) three easy steps to do :)
 And of course if you have a snickers or twix ;)
So this week I will probably go to Manaus with Sister V. Wednesday and will return next Monday or Tuesday because she has to go to do training to go home or something like that and it would be really hard to keep a member with me for a week so I will probably go to the area of Sister J. and work with her. So that will be fun :) but really I am excited for the next step, get a new companion and learn some other things
I like this area so it is nice. I like the members. There is a family that is exactly like Kayleen and Ben. We visit them and eat with them lots and it makes me miss them. Then it makes me feel at home because he jokes like Ben and she is like Kayleen and I just feel at home even when I don’t understand half of the jokes that he makes. haha anyways I love you :)
 I am just trying to see how fast I can still type in English.  Just thought I would say, I love you :) and I am really excited to get your package :) and I am just really happy just wanted you to know I love you :) and miss you, but love you more haha and just am waiting a little bit for my companion to finish up emailing and then we can go visit Eli. and Luc. for their wedding tomorrow.. yay exciting

We went fishing today haha  it was fun, thought of you  Dad :) an elder caught a Paraná. I held it. Yeah kinda crazy.
Haha I love you! Hope you have an amazing week!

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