Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Lord works for our good.

June 15, 2015


Glad to hear you guys are doing well! Funny story, so before Sister M. returned to the states she left me two boxes of Mac and Cheese haha and this week we ate the last box, I was missing home so I made potatoes :) with eggs :) it reminded me of Grandma Post with the Mac and Cheese and then you (Dad) with the potatoes. So I had a little taste of home this week :)

It is crazy to see the weeks pass by. Already we are on our last week together, Sister V. and I. It is possible that she will leave next Monday or Wednesday. I will probably stay here and work, and have members stay with me and work with me. It will be interesting haha but I am excited for a little change :)  and to shake it up a bit and get to know some other sister missionaries ;) haha

I still talk with Sister S. when I get the chance. She is still cute and fluffy as ever. The work is going on, and it is amazing to watch the hand of the Lord direct His work!

Here is a cool story for ya, so this last week the Elders of Itacoatiara, they use the same church building as us, we serve in different branches, were walking when a woman walked up to them and said, my daughter needs to be baptized, and so does her cousin. The elders said great lets baptize them this Saturday. haha turned out that the mom was a menus activo so we had a baptism of a nine and eight year old girls :) it was cute :) 

Anyways this week I realized a lot of things. One thing that is really big that I realized is how the Lord works for our good. Everything that is in and happens in the church is for our good. To help us change and internalize the changes that they become a part of us. Seriously the callings we have, church each Sunday all of it is to help us! It is amazing to watch my testimony grow in the small things that make such a huge impact! Sorry this email is small this week.

But I love you! Please keep praying for our investigators, they need them. I know the Lord has already touched their hearts; they just need the courage to take the steps. Pray that they can be strong and take the first step! And not let fear keep them from this huge blessing of the gospel! I love you!

Sister Post
oi mãe!

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