Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Everything we do affects the future...

July 6, 2015
Wow what a semana (week)! We finally got back here last Wednesday, and then we went visiting. I found out that in the week of my absence Ai. our strong investigator, stopped progressing. I still haven’t gotten ahold of her which makes me really sad but we will this week! Sunday Eli. and Luc. were confirmed and received the gift of Holy Ghost! Wow they are glowing now! His daughter was at her mom´s house but should get back today! So she will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost this Sunday! Yay!
While we were gone an elder that was here before us was visiting and he talked with an old investigator and made a day to baptize him, but he couldn’t that day so we marked this Friday with him. He is really old and funny :) 
Wow what a change in the ward! while we were gone the elder that was here talked to our Branch President and told him there was a chance of this area closing because of all the missionaries leaving and we aren’t receiving a lot of new ones and when we came back wow he was happy to work with us and we actually went to a ward council meeting and it is nice to be involved, but it was really cool to see that they are working haha they will work with Luc.and Eli. to keep them strong! Yay! I am excited! We will finally start to have more progress with the ward! Really the missionaries need the help of the ward, just as much and wards need the help of missionaries! This is the way of the Lord all of us working together for the salvation of man! This is when we can start to see miracles!
Wow it is so nice to study with Sister B. she is very strong in the church! She was baptized only two years and 4 months ago and now look at her! She is happier than all get out and so excited to bring the Gospel of Christ to others! When i asked her a few questions about her desire and what she wants to achieve she gave almost all the same answers I gave. Crazy! haha we are a lot alike in our desires, and our focus! Yay! This transfer will be good! We have great plans and now we will do all we can to achieve them but of course all in the time and will of the Lord! :)
I know that all that we go through, experience is for our good! when we are in the times of our trials, wow it feels like an eternity haha but when they pass they literally feels like ``it is but a small moment``. It is in these times that we draw closer to our Heavenly Father, and grow how he wants us to! Then he prepares us for the future and future challenges and all of a sudden we realize we are accomplishing things we couldn’t have six or eight months ago. The Lord works in small simple ways to accomplish His great work! He asks such small things of us to do! They are always things that will help us! Pray morning and night for strength, if we do this we are blessed. So why not take the time to do it?
Read the scriptures if not for five minutes every day, you will receive more peace, love and comfort from the pages of the Book of Mormon than eating chocolate and it will last longer!
 Partake of the sacrament, through this simple act not only do we rededicate ourselves to the Lord each Sunday, we receive the amazing blessing of being CLEANSED; completely CLEAN and ready for a new beginning. EVERY SUNDAY! This is not a day of burden! It is a blessed day where we receive strength to continue on! We receive spiritual nourishment, answers to our prayers, love and support from other members, and most of all we show to our Heavenly Father our love and appreciation for all that he has given us. Take the time to go to church; it is a gift to us! To help us in our lives! He knows this life is difficult! That is WHY he gave us Sundays, that WE MAY BE STRENGTHENED. We did not create Sunday to worship God, He gave it to us that we may have a way to return to him, by renewing our covenants of Baptism!
Everything we do affects the future, and where we go. What is your goal in the end? Every week we change

because of the things we learn. If you have the goal of returning back to the presence of God with your family why not take the time to grow closer to our Savior by learning of his Gospel, and learning of His will for us. It will bring us closer to not only Him but to happiness and a greater life! I love this opportunity I have to grow closer to my Savior. It will forever change me. All of us have the opportunities to grow closer to our Savior. All have the opportunity every week TO START AGAIN! Take the time and that time is now! :)  I love you all!

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