Monday, July 13, 2015

This week we worked hard, hard, hard!

July 13,2015
oi mãe,
Here is a story, really cool!
So last week I was talking with Sister Sunaga and she told me some really good news! She was updating me about what is going on in Manaus, and she told me that in my last area Ara was baptized! Yay! So you probably don’t know this but Ara was my first contact on the street here in Brazil.. haha funny thing is, I slaughtered all my words in Portuguese, was a nervous wreck, and she had a two year old throwing a ball that she had to watch. So we have three odd working against us haha but with a little help from Sister Sunaga we got her address and she said we could return. All through that transfer we tried but she wasn’t at home when we passed and we couldn’t pass often because of the pain Sister Sunaga had while walking. Ara lives on the edge of our area so in total we only taught a part of the restoration to her. One day we were praying and trying to find out who we should cut from our list of people to visit and I felt really good about her. Sister Sunaga wanted to cut her but I just said that I had a good feeling and we shouldn’t loose her completely. A hop and a skip away and now she is baptized and they are teaching her family too!! It is really cool to hear!
This week we had a baptism! Yay! We baptized Elico of the 86 years of age! He is so stinking cute and very hard of hearing and can’t see very well. But it was the most spiritual baptism I have had! So when we visited him last to see if he would still be baptized he told us he didn’t want to jump into the water because he was afraid. Sister Borges comforted him and said that he didn’t need to jump in. While waiting for the baptism to start I sat listening to Elders Epinoza and Tavares talk to him and try to console him. The baptism was very good!
Then at the end a teenager called Gabi asked me something very interesting after the prayer. She asked me if someone had passed by me during the prayer, I was standing in front of her, she thought someone had passed in between us. I told her no; no one had touched me. So think what you want about that, but that baptism was very spiritual, and I totally believe there were angels in that room with us. Happy as can be that he was baptized!
What a week! This week we worked hard, hard, hard! And the coming weeks will be busy, busy, and busy! Yay! I love this work with all my heart!
Just want to share a bit of my thoughts and testimony about the story of the man with palsy. It took four people to bring that man to Jesus. It wasn’t just one person but four. So let’s look at who those four are and how they can be related to each one of us. One, of course is missionaries, one is the bishop, one is the relief society and the last is the elders’ quorum. Why do you think it takes all four of them to bring a sick man to Christ? To nourish? To guide? To lead? without one of the four the man would fall from the bed and be in a worse condition that he was in the first place. The story is the same for bringing new converts to be solid in the church. If the members aren’t nourishing them, helping them, strengthening them, they will fall and be in a worse state than before baptism. It is so, so important that wards work together for the good of all! If one organization isn’t helping they have a risk of losing people. We are all here to progress and return to our Heavenly Father, but as Prophets has said, the Lord requires us to take his gospel to the entire world! This is our first priority! Secure your hold on the rod and give a hand to help others! This is the way of the Lord :) Anyway i know this gospel is true! I know that together, everyone, we can find, help and keep new converts in the church to stay strong and make it to the temple! The temple is the goal! I am so grateful for a Heavenly Father who prepared this miraculous plan for us! 
I love you! Keep being awesome! And keep dad from eating too many snickers ;)
Love,   Sister Post

a family I love very much!

como dormir: (I like sleeping)  com a palavra de Deus!(with the word of God) My companion took this picture. haha

Festa Junina (June Party). It is like a Hill Billy Party!  I walked up to a couple sitting at a table and I was like what are you doing here? haha he is so familiar. He tried telling me I baptized him in Manaus and I was like no, but I know you and he wouldn’t tell me the truth and eventually I remembered haha he was my first district leader, already married and was visiting.

Here is photos of the festa.

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