Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A story about prayer and our desires

July 27, 2015
 Wow I cannot believe I am 20 years old now.. hahaha it is really weird when I meet someone new and when we are introducing ourselves and getting to know each other that I have to say, I’m Sister Post, I’m from the united states, and I am 20 years old. Wait what? haha but it is good. Maybe people will take me more serious because i am old.. hahaha just kidding :)
This week was good. A story about prayer and our desires. So for my birthday I just wanted to family that is so ready and just need to be baptized.... haha yeah big desire, it was rough day. So all I wanted was this! A family! We were eating in the super market and I was looking around and I saw this woman and man together looking at cheese. I thought oh they are a cute couple. The lady looked at me and smiled and I smiled. Then she waved and I waved. Then she talked to what I thought was her husband and they both looked at us and I was feeling happy and then they walked away. I looked back at where they were walking and they were looking at me hahaha but I didn’t feel awkward because everyone looks at me, only not as openly as they were haha five minutes later they were back to looking at cheese so when they looked at me again I smiled and then she said something to the man and walked over to us. She told us that she had talked to me a few weeks back in a hair salon of one of our members. But that she didn’t want to talk to us then but asked if she could have our number. We gave it to her and then we asked their names, because the guy had walked over then and their names are Michal and Mary. It is cool because I can say their names haha they aren’t translated to the Portuguese names but left in English. haha So the next day we went visiting a family and we walked past a field where guys and teenagers play soccer without fail, they are always there. haha So we were walking and I saw Michal and I asked him how he was and then randomly I asked if he and Mary were married.  Usually people here just live together and have kids but no one gets married and he just showed me his wedding ring and it was cool and so they are a family and the Lord answered my prayers. We found a family ready!  They live way far from our area but the elders in that area will teach them very well! They are awesome haha :)
Anyways i know that prayer is real! That we receive answers based on our faith! The faith that Alma had was shown in the fact that an angel of the Lord descended to talk to Alma the younger, son of Alma. That is some strong faith! But it is true! The Lord always answers our prayers! We just need to believe! and trust in his answer!
All is work and play when we are serving the Lord :) but we choose to work first and then play when we have time haha :)
I love you!
Sister Post
funny thing is i finally took a photo with "rocky balboa" hahaha its not really obvious in this picture but in real life he looks like a latin rocky haha it is really funny, his name is Irmão frai (fry like french fry)

and me in the morning opening my birthday card from you guys :) thanks :)

and the sisters made a cake for me, it was really sweet of them :)

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