Monday, July 20, 2015

What is faith? Alma 32:21

July 20, 2015

Hey Dad and Mom!

My companion speaks a little, very little English but I am helping her learn. 
The work is great!
There are more ugly dogs in the streets then I can describe haha and lots have cats in their houses or a puppy until it is big and will leave to the streets.

Here is a funny story, so this morning I woke up and Sister Borges told me the other sisters will go to the church to play volleyball with us, and I was like really? You talked to them? She said no sister you did. I was like, no I haven’t talked to them for almost two days and she was like, no you called them last night and asked them to play volleyball and I was like no haha I didn’t and she was like yes you did. So I called them and asked if I talked to them last night and she said yeah and then I laughed hard core. I had sleep called them. I talked to them while I was sleeping and I don’t even remember haha so it is good to know I can have a conversation in my sleep and not remember haha anyways, the work is good, I love my companion and Portuguese is become more natural to speak. Actually right now I am trying not to write in Portuguese and am rewriting because of words that escape translation to my hands haha so it is interesting : )

Wow you made it back home! Give Deborah, her mom, Jack an Holly hugs for me! And grandma and papa!

So the sweetest thing happened Saturday to us! We just got done talking with a brother and sister named Vanessa and Marcos, and then were walking to see how Eliane and Lucio were when I saw this cute little grandma. She was walking really slow and cute like and has hair white as snow with her skin tanned from years of living here in the sun. We walked and little to pass her when she stopped looked at us and said, (moças lindas), which is like beautiful young woman but a word stronger than beautiful. We stopped to talk to her and all she could manage to say was that we were beautiful and she gave both of us hugs and the same time squeezing as hard as she could! It was so cute! We walked a little with her and then went on our way but what a cutie she was! 

So here is a surprise to ya.. haha so while I am here in the mission I will also do and complete Personal Progress starting over and just doing it.. haha we are practically doing all of it every day haha but I will purposely do them and earn that cute little medallion.. haha :) surprise :)

First I need to talk about faith.

What is faith? Alma 32:21  “believing in something that you can’t see, but is true!”

Faith starts with a hope, a hope for something better, hope that there can be a change, that something will occur. Our hope grows into faith and we can grow our faith! Grow it to be strong enough to see the hand of God in our lives! Strong enough that we can lift others to their feet! Literally or not literally ``move mountains`` whether this mountain is a change within our hearts, a change of status of living or literally a change in health. Faith is the bases of everything.  If we have faith we have a desire to change, to be better, to live better. Faith alone can’t make miracles happen but the Lord didn’t leave us alone with just faith to walk the way. He gave us ordinances! In other words if we make a promise with God, and keep our end, the power of the heavens is now available to us! But because He is a God of order He doesn’t just let anyone make these promises out of whim. It needs to be through His power and authority with his permission we can have the help from the divine power from above! So what is the key?
The Holy Priesthood! Wow if we think of how much Heavenly Father loves us it is beyond imagination!! Because he restored this opportunity to man again!

 Pela a fé de Joseph Smith quando tinha 14 anos ele viu Deus o Pai e Jesus Cristo. Sem Duvida Eu sei que isso é verdade! Nosso Pai Celestial nós ama! Ele nós deu o oportunidade de vim para esta terra, ter um corpo e aprender nesse plano! Ele já planejo o caminho! É nosso Salvador, Jesus Cristo! Ele pagou as demandas  da justiça, e pediu o que de nós? seguei me, acredita em mim, exercitar fé em mim. Eu Sei que A Igreja de Jesus Cristo Dos Santos Dos Últimos Dias é verdadeira! Jesus é mesmo  o cabeça dessa igreja! Ele dirigi sua igreja pelo profeta Thomas S. Monson! Com total de minha coração sei que isto é verdade!

(I (Toni) put the above paragraph in a translator and this is what it translated)

(By the faith of Joseph Smith when he was 14 he saw God the Father and Jesus Christ. No Doubt I know this is true! Our Heavenly Father loves us! He gave us the opportunity to come to this land, having a body and learn that plan! He already planned the way! Through our Savior, Jesus Christ! He paid the demands of justice, and asked which of us? (seguei me) , believe me , exercising faith in me. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints is true! Jesus is even the head of that church! He leads his church through the prophet Thomas S. Monson! With all my heart I know this is true!)

I love you! Thanks for everything! Keep being lights to the world! This time that we live in needs people to stand up and be a light! Because there is a lot of darkness! But we have power behind us! Our brother, Jesus Christ! He loves us! And is walking with us! Working and preparing the way for each one of us! I know this a true! I love you! 


Sister Post

photos: I don't remember what ones I picked.. haha but I think there is one of my comp and I, one of all of our zone for the first time with another pair of sisters from Manaus. 

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