Thursday, August 6, 2015

Semana das milagres! (miracle week)

August 3, 2015
semana das milagres! (miracle week)
Oi Mãe!
Wow you know something I have been thinking about... so much happens that is so like every day to me that I really should be writing to you guys.. but I forget every time I am in the lawn house (internet House) writing.. Yea I should write a lot more about our investigators that are really good! And cool and about our less actives we are bringing back! the truth is that really a lot is happening here, I just forget to write about it all haha and just write my testimony and get tired of typing and not write about the people hahahaha so I will work on writing about people first :) haha
So this week has been good! We saw lots of miracles. First I will write about Wanderson pronounced as Vanderson haha yeah I still don’t understand Portuguese when it is like that.. haha but anyways we (Sister V. and I) tried to teach him the first transfer I was here but all he did was fight with his wife. (who is a member and they helped them get married 7 months ago by another group of sisters.) and little history of this family. Camila and Wanderson have been together for 4 years, they have a little girl named Isabelle who is two years old. All this time Wanderson didn’t want anything to do with the church and it wore down Camilla given she never actually put in the effort to grow a testimony really strong. She just kind of lived it because her aunt took her to church every week. So Camila made some not so good choices of talking with another man.. so now they have a problem, but with this problem it opened up Wanderson to really want to follow the Lord and so two weeks ago we started to teach him again after three months. He progressed really well! At first it was for his wife, that she would stop talking with another man and then it turned into a strong desire to follow the Lord! He told us before that if Camila left him he would stop going to church because he couldn’t bear to see her with another man. We were really sad and then this week he said, no I won’t risk my salvation for her. I will keep going to church and be strong for my little girl. So all of this is really sad, but really like good. I don’t know how to explain all of it in English, but like he is really strong now! and is being so patient with his wife! and she is like going down the deep end and I really don’t know how to help her from doing what she is doing when she is not recognizing that she is committing big mistakes.. but anyways Wanderson was baptized this last Friday! and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday! He came alone to church to get it! He is so amazing! I wouldn’t wish this on anyone but he is being so, so strong with this trial in his life and the Lord with bless him a lot for this! 
Franciel, I don’t remember if I talked to you about him yet but I started teaching him with Sister V. as well and he is so good! He is already testifying to other people that they should forget all they know or think they know about Mormons because with just three days with us, Sister B. and I, he will completely understand Christ in a fuller way! He is awesome haha anyways he is from the Adventist church which is really ridiculous, but his brother is a firm, firm believer of the church and is like the voice of reason in his house. So we are helping him to understand Joseph Smith better and the Priesthood and how God works through men and the priesthood and stuff. It will be good! This week will be good! 
Alauna! We are reactivating a 20 year old who has two little girls! They are so cute! We have family home evening with her today and lunch tomorrow with her family!  She is progressing really well! and her little girls love us! I will send a picture of us all next week!
Well the work is progressing and the Lord moves on. One thing I was reading I don’t remember where but that the Lord sped up his work and it is up to us to keep up with the new pace or we will be left behind. It is true. haha we are busy everyday looking for the others who are in the moments of acceptance, and then we are waiting for those we have already talked to for them to enter the right moment to be taught haha it is fun :) the normal day life of a missionary, it is good :) I love the Lord and his tender mercies! He really is in our lives every day! Whether it is a small breeze on a really hot day, or a little cloud to give a little shade the Lord prepares moments of peace and comfort for each one of us! He Loves Us! I love you! Keep being amazing mom!
Homemade ice cream!!! :( I want.. haha but....... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I told everyone yesterday that it was your birthday Dad!
Transfers are next week, and I will probably stay here with Sister B. to finish her training. So it will be a total of 6 months here in Itacoatiara before I get transferred to another area! haha strange.. 1/3 of my mission.. haha but it is good!
 Wow this week I have really missed you and mom. but I know I am doing the work of the Lord and then after looking at your pictures I look to my pictures of the Lord :) 

oh and I am burning my old diary.. haha my old notebook that I wrote in.. because I am rewriting everything in the fancy journal mom gave me for my birthday :) it is taking forever haha but it is good and will be good when I finish one day :)

Also I made a little coca cola with your name in Portuguese João e mom Toni with bff best friends for ever :) I love and miss you guys!

Sister Post


Baptism of Wanderson! yay! 

The man who baptized him is Pires, our new ward mission leader. He served his mission here and then returned and married his wife and stayed :P funny eh. Everyone teases me saying will do the same haha

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