Wednesday, August 26, 2015

This week has been great!

This week has been great! I got to watch the Lord strengthen Shirley in her decision to be baptized. So this week we called her to see how she was and if she was still excited for her baptism  and she said, "look sister, I don't think I will be baptized." my thought"oh no... what happened" she continued on to say her best friend came back into her life and he has been sayng a lot of bad things about the church and that he didnt want her to be baptized. We talked more and we asked her if she remembered the answer she had gotten when she had prayed, she said yes, we told her to hold on to that. She had had a dream that was amazing to confirm the truth and the rest of the week we passed by her work and called her until Saturday that was a glorious day! I got to see this girl full of confidence and at the same time nervous. Her mom didnt come to the baptism because her sister was sick. But I have faith that upon seeing this change in her daughter that she will, in time with the rest of the family, accept this gospel and its truth!

This Sunday I really had a moment of like woooh in church. we were talking about the story of the good samaritan and I got a completely different aspect out of it. Here is my verson, well from the Holy Ghost haha, of the good samariton in our days.
There was a man who was well known in the city. He owned businesses, had the "perfect family", and lots of cars and boats and toys. To many he was known as the rich guy, that no one wanted to be associate with, to others he was a drinker, the guy who didnt always make the best decisions. To all he was someone not to mess will. One day he lost it all. Sitting on the side walk he thought of how he had lost his work, his empire. He had lost his wife who took his kids. He had lost his home in the war of words and had gotten to the point of asking, what is the point of all this? Why am I here in the first place? Why did this happen to me? Sitting alone on the street he litteraly felt alone.
The first person to come upon him was the teacher of the Elders Quarm in church. The first thought he had was, "wooh what is he doing here." he had heard the story and for a moment thought it would be good to help him out. then the thought popped in his head saying, "what would others say if they saw me talking with him. they would think i am a groupe who did the same things as him. no one would take me seriously while teaching on sunday. no i cant talk with him because if anyone else saw they would think i am doing things wrong with him. and what if word gets to my family. no. i wont stop.. oh i hope no one notices i paused and looked at him. i will cross to the other side of the street and continue on. I need to go to work, finish helping my son with his project. i have many things to do. someone else will pass by who can help him. yeah." and so he continued on his way.
The second man to come upon him was just a young adult. He had been thinking of his tests he needed to study for, how his boss might fire him and how he has problems with family and friends. When he saw the well known man he paused for a minute and had the thought, "he needs help, he needs something" and upon walking up to him all the thoughts of "I need to study, write a paper for another class, convince my friend not to do the wrong things; no I don't have time for this. Okay I will give him 10 bucks, yeah that will help him." and so he felt better knowing he had done the least he could do. Passing the money to him he continued on him way thinking of the many things he needed to do, to busy to stay and talk to him.
The third guy to pass had just been working all morning, he was on  his way to tell his wife that his boss had cut his wages that he didnt have a way to pay for the bills from the hospital. That he didnt know how he would support their little girl who had a unknown sickness, let alone provide food on the table for them to eat. Walking home he was deep in thought when he saw the man. He knew of him, but didnt know him. Seeing him in distress he had the feeling he should take a moment to talk to him, upon greeting him he saw the helpless look in his eyes and he knew that he needed to help that man the best he could. Talking with the well known man he heard all the story before. Answering his questions of the soul he asked the man to walk with him, walking the rest of the way they made it back to his humble house where he told his wife that they would be hosting the well kown man for the time being. The humble man called the missionaries knowing they could help the well known man. Together they ate a humble meal and talked about the purpose of life, about the atonement and what it could do for him. The humble man then told the well known man that he could stay in his home, that his wife and he would sleep in the room of their daughter, that he could have their bed; giving all he had to help the well known man.What it all comes down to is this: there exists three types of people one who has fear of what others would say if they saw them talking to a person who was labeled as "bad". So they keep walking and listen to their fears. There is the person who is busy, busy who doesn't think they have time to open their mouth and share the gospel. So busy with their own life that there is no time for the work of the Lord. Then there is the one who besides all the things that are going wrong in his life, is still humble enough to listen to the spirit and be an instrument in the hand of the Lord. The reality of life is that we are all busy  others have more problems than us, but we all have time to share the gospel, help someone in need. There is no excuse in the world that should keep us from sharing the gospel with the World. No excuse.

This way of thinking of that parable has inpacted me a lot. I feel so unworthy to be here, but I know that I can start now, start to not make excuses and stop thinking about the past, What I didn't do. We can't change who we were, but we can change who we are. We can start again! We can turn to that intrument in the hand of the Lord! It IS possible! with all the worries of the world, we can be the mirror to reflect the light of the Savior to all who are lost in the dark. :)
I know my Savior lives! I know Heavenly Father knows each one of us! I know he has prepared ways for us to share the gospel! He Loves us! each one of us! I know that Christ loves the worst sinner of the world just as much as he loves the most holy person because he loves us, not our sins. He loves us, not our mistakes. He is kind, gentle, firm, patient and is ever waiting for us to come unto him, to accept what he has done for us and through him, we may become like him.! 

This week we have made goals very high haha and we will reach them :) this will be a busy busy week! all is well is the work of the Lord when you but your shoulder to the wheel and push along ;) 
oh and today we played volleyball! it was amazing! my team won every round! hahahaha I am still covered in sweat :) but so worth it!! anyways keep being an amazing example! I love you!!
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