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Why is the name of the church so long?

August 31, 2015
Sister Sunaga came with Sister Santos to do splits! It was so fun to teach with her again! Now that I can speak Portuguese... hahahaha it is so much fun! We work so well together and the spirit was huge and strong! We talked so much! Man it would be a day really good if we were companions again, even if it were for just one transfer. She is so cute! She told me, "Filha, estou tão orgulho da missionaria que você tornou!" haha (which is daughter, I am so proud of the missionary you have become!) She is so cute! 

I don’t have a lot of things to write about because I literally forgot everything when I got in here.. haha 
A lot of things happen, but I just don’t remember. This week we hit all our goals we had set really high, so now we will make them our normal and keep stretching our progress. We are teaching lots, but as I watch people I am seeing that it is the small things that really keep people from living on a higher plain of life. In reality it is the small things that the adversary puts in our lives to distract, or to slowly take us away. For example we re-activated a family where the only problem was waking up in the morning for church. The husband was one of the two first missionaries from here to serve and he was having a hard time with some principals of the gospel, but where it all began was not wanting to wake up. So really we should be careful of the small things, because just as small things bring to pass great and marvelous works, small things can take us away from the light we had once held high for the world to see.
Our days are passing by faster and faster, the Lord will bless his saints, but he cannot take away our agency. We need to be more careful every day. Remind ourselves of the small things, say a prayer, read a scripture, and keep our eyes and hearts single to the glory of God, then we can know of a surety that we are on the right path. 
Here is a little thought. Why is the name of the church so long? It is named after Christ to show it is his church, The Church of Jesus Christ. It states that it is the same now as it was in the past, of Later Day; and lastly it states that we are followers of Christ, trying to become holy through the atonement, Saints.  So putting it all together we are just proclaiming to the world that this is the Church of Christ which he had established in the past and we are trying to become like him :) so we are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints :) I know that he is the head of His church! I know that he talks face to face with President Thomas S. Monson and his Apostles. I know that we have the power and authority again on the earth for the benefit and well-being of man! I know the power of the Priesthood is real! I know that Heavenly Father loves us! and that it is through Christ all things are done! 
I love you and miss you!  I know that the next nine and a half-ish months will pass by really fast! I am still very much excited to be here! I can’t believe I will do nine months here in Brazil this month! It has already passed by so fast! But I can look back and see the process the Lord has led me! And without a doubt I have been changed. I know that Heavenly Father doesn’t just exist, because things that exist will one day cease to exist, but Heavenly Father lives! I know that our Savior Lives! One day we can walk into his open arms and hear him say, "well done my beloved daughter, or son." They Love us! They Love me and They Love you! They are literally rooting for us and are so pleased when we choose to make the right choices! To follow Christ! To come unto Him and not only choose but to act! They are in our lives every day! Take a moment to say a little prayer of thanks for all that they have done and you will see how much your life has been blessed!
I have been so blessed! I couldn’t type it all! I am so grateful for my family! For the opportunity to grow up singing I AM A CHILD OF GOD! Because I know it is true! Take a moment to write a friend, or family member and tell them you love them! Remind them that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ loves them too! You will see the smile to confirm that fact!

Funny story:
This new American Sister is really tall haha and bigger than me and she wanted to arm wrestle so I was like okay. Yeah I won haha everyone one was looking at me like what the.. haha Sister Post is really strong haha it was funny. We get a lot of references from an English school. It is fun to go there and watch people try to speak English haha.

I drew faces on my toes to try and make my companion laugh, it worked :) and I thought of you Dad, because you always drew smiley faces on my feet haha :)

I love you!
Sister Post

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