Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Two weeks of letters

Sept. 7, 2015
Well I am not really sure what to write this week. So I will write something interesting that President Castro told us this week. He was just talking and then he said, "The time of the gentiles is finishing, and soon will be the time of the Jews.”
 I was like what? So you and dad can think a little about that and know that the Lord is guiding His work. It is fast and furious ;) take the time to share your testimony with someone this week, in the store or whatever place you are at. Make a goal to share a part of your testimony with one person this week!
Well this week was full of surprise conferences and preparing food for Sister Castro the way she likes it and working in the area of the Elders because they went to do splits ten hours away by boat and then working in the area of the sisters because Sister Eisele was sick so I took care of her and let Sister Teixeira take my companion to help them with their area.
This week has already started off well. This week I have thought about how grateful I am for the way you and dad raised me; that I can do things by myself and not need anyone. The new American sister is the complete opposite.  It has been interesting to live with the other sisters. It is funny to watch people, but it is not fun when I am involved. haha but let’s just say I keep the peace ;) and soon I will need to teach the other American how to clean and cook and do things for herself. But besides that all is calm and good. So the computer I am using today isn’t letting me send pictures. So next week I will send more haha. Yep, well until next week :) keep it up! 
I Love you,
Love Sister Post
Sept. 14, 2015
No one knows the name of a drill rig here in Brazil.. haha but I showed everyone what dad does for a living :)
So this week has been interesting. Last Wednesday I went to Manaus because Sister Castro ordered me to see someone about my hair. Let me explain; so like for the past three to five months I have been losing a lot of hair, a lot. Like now I have half of the hair I came to Brazil with haha and so I went and they took some blood and then they will get the tests results next Friday. haha funny story this is but all is good. It has to do with stress but Sister Castro likes us to be pretty missionaries ;) anyways the trip was fast and we returned on Friday but I will probably return next week thanks to transfers.. haha yeah I don’t know where I will go but I know I won’t be staying here. 
So while I was in the Mission home I asked President Castro what the difference was between dreams and something more, and he was like dreams or visions and I was like uh yeah haha and then he told me that it has to do with the feeling. That makes sense because we dream of anything and everything, but if we feel the peace, love, calmness, and all things testified by the spirit we should take heed. I think back to Lehi's dream of the tree of life and how he had such a strong feeling with it. Anyways that was something new I learned this week.
Transfers are next week, so I will probably be writing you from a different area.. haha 
Another thing I learned. When we are in preparation for a big event with the Lord, the adversary will try everything he can to keep up from that. For example for the last two weeks we have been preparing to do a new thing called a blessing. I don’t know if this is new but we got the news that we as sisters can now give blessings to people, not like men with the hands laid on the head and with the priesthood but through prayer, calling upon the power of the priesthood by our calling as missionaries of the Lord. Because we have been called of the Prophet we can call upon the powers of Heaven and give blessings in the name of the Lord. We have been preparing for this for about two weeks  now and it has been so amazing! We leave blessings in every house that is opened to us! To the members and investigators! We ask them what they would ask of Christ if he were in the room with us and then we ask the Lord for those things for them in a blessing! It is amazing! So these two weeks we have been preparing to do this with our companions and these two weeks have been so hard! Wow. haha but this week we will be able to do it and I am so excited!  Because when we pray we do it in a special way and while we are talking we are searching for the words the Lord would have us say and wow it is quite the experience! Priesthood holders are so lucky to be able to do this whenever the need arises! But us as women only have this ability when called as missionaries but it has been so amazing!
I know that all is well and that the Lord is always with us! I love you!
Sister Post 

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