Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Milagres! (Miracles!)

August 17, 2015
Wow you guys are busy, busy!

Well I don’t know where to start this week. It is like so much happens and I don’t know how to explain it all haha so I will stick with a cool story that happened. 
So if you remember Shirley she is 17 and an ex-girlfriend of a member of the other branch. So we taught her and she just liked to say no, I won’t be baptized, I don’t want to be tied to that church or people to think I am a member. So we talked to her about the importance of being baptized which she completely understood. Then she admitted that she has a problem with praying. She does like to pray. So we like tossed her into an interview for baptism hahaha and she like passed with flying colors right and yet there was something still holding her back. So Sunday we sat down with her and talked again. She said that she prayed Friday, then she had horrible dreams and blamed it on us and she didn’t ever want to pray again. So we explain all things bad are from the adversary and all things good are from the Lord. She understood that and said she would pray again. Saturday she Prayed and dreamed again, only this time she receive an answer that this IS the Church of Jesus Christ. But she didn’t think her parents would let her be baptized and her aunt told her that she had to choose ``the Mormons`` or her and she was really sad. So we listened and helped her come to the conclusion that with faith and acting on it she would see a miracle that day.
Finally came the time of the baptism of the other branch that we were supporting the sisters and we walked in a little late from a meeting with our leader of the Branch and saw her, with her friends from the branch and we were like wow you are here haha So we talked to her a little bit later and she told us that she talked to her mom, and that she couldn’t be baptized that day like planned because her mom wanted to watch and so it will be this Saturday! Her mom signed the paper too! Milagres! (Miracles!) So Saturday will be a great day! and a bigger miracle will be if it be the will of the Lord, we will start to teach her whole family! yay! Anyways! I know that the Lord works miracles every day! Pray for them and then pray that your eyes could be opened to see and witness them! Then you can turn into a testimony for others that the Lord does visit His people! That He is aware of each one of us!
I love this work! I love Brazil! I love Portuguese! I love the Lord! I love you and dad and all my brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews! I am so lucky to have been born into this family! So blessed! We are so blessed to have this knowledge of eternal families, the Atonement and many other things! That we have the Holy Ghost to guide us every day! The Lord is merciful! Our Heavenly Father loves us! Never forget it!
Sister Post

Baptismo of a little girl who is cuter than cute!

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