Sunday, February 8, 2015

Humidity and more Humidity - Week 1 January 26, 2015

The past week has been nuts!! so i will start with an amazing story of how the Lord knows exactly how to calm our fears and then i will talk about crazy brazil.

so as you know i was way scared to come down here alone. the Lord placed me with a sister who was also flying to Atlanta and then we were to seperate. i was greatful from the company in the salt lake air port. before boarding we met a couple who are over the farm missions and were going to brazilia brazil to check up on everything. we also ran into then getting off the plane in atlanta and they showed us where our gates were. i found mine and decided we had plenty of time so i would go eat. while waiting in line i hear, what a wonderful surprise! i look and it is the cute couple! and then they buy my food! i was like it is fine and then they responded with it is not negociable haha so we eat panda together and chatted. then i return to my gate after finding out that there were no phones in the area to call out on. i sat and listend to everyone speaking portugues. went and checked in. sat back down and then heard, hello sister where are you serving. i turned to see a blonde man in a suite and i said manaus. he didnt have a tag so i knew he wasnt a missionary. he had served in porta legre and was going back to visit. he had been planing this for over a year. who knew that the Lord would be so kind. when i got on the plan i spent an hour or so talking to the brazilian sitting beside me and then i went back and spent the rest of the time talking to the kind man for almost the whole flight before trying to sleep. i didn~t get any sleep. very uncomfortable and yeah hahaha then when we landed he helped me through customs and then to check in and get my back checked and my ticket and then to my gate. it is crazy in the sao paulo airport. i said bye to him and found out that they were taking the last few buses to where the plane was waiting. if i did not have him i would have missed it. the whole airport is all walking and it is huge! and then i finaly go to manaus and it was hot and humid. and it is still hot and humid haha i am wet constantly either from my own sweat in the sun or from the rain. speaking of rain, it rains here constantly and i cant wear my blue shoes becasue i walk in puddles hahaha so i think i am going to send a box home with suff in it. and one shoe at a time. 
So my companion is Sister Sunaga, she is Japanese and is from Sao Paulo. she speaks english and helps me with my portugues. she is very patience and sweet! she transfered to this area this time and President Castro did not know i was coming until the night before i arived haha so they emergency transfered the girl who had been here previously. so we are both new to the area. yay haha i am finally understanding the area and how to cross streets and interact with the people here. i still only understand a little and my speaking is worse than my understanding, so it is great fun. just know that all is well. i am trying hard, and that is is crazy in brazil. that sums it up haha music is blasted from cars and houses so you pretty much are always hearing music. cars have the right of way and people look at us weird because they see an amarican and a japanese person walking around with a map looking for houses haha the people here also dont say hi to each other on the street so they look at us weird when we say good morning, afternoon or night hahaha we have investigators and the lord works in meraculous ways! thank goodness he works through the language of the spirit and not portugues haha. anyways i love you! have a great day! 
Sister Post

First companion, Sister S. (from Sao Paulo, Brazil) 
My District at the Manaus Temple

Sis. S. and I

Sister Post's 1st Apt.

Drying Laundry in the Kitchen

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