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Merry Christmas from the Provo MTC-December 23, 2014

Here is the first letter from Sister Post from when she returned to the MTC after her shoulder surgery. 

Well it has been a week and a day since i got back and honestly it has felt so good to be back! My portuguese is coming back and i know that Heavenly Father is helping me a whole lot! so it is Christmas time, and honestly my whole day is about learning to teach people about Christ. It has been so great! My whole effort is able to be focused on the ultimate and greatest gift that was ever given! here are somethings to think about during this christmas time. the signifigance of Christ actually being born is so much greater than my understanding. Jesus Christ the creator of worlds, the very being who created the plants and earth that we walk on. He said yes to the plan that Heavenly Father had presented. He took the responsibility that insured not only that we may return to our Heavenly Father again, but that we could CHOOSE for ourselve with agency what is was we want to do. He knew the weight of such a thing, but He was not detoured, not scared. WHY? Because He LOVES US! more than the pain he would experience. Now think of why the heavens opened up and the hosts of heaven sang his praise the night he was born, because their beloved savior had just given up everything to gain a physical body and begin his journey. He had the veil placed before his eyes, just like all of us and for that night Mary, the mother of the Son of God, held Him in her arms. For that moment He was hers to love and hold. I can not imagine the joy and sadness that accompanied that, because she knew her blessed babe would one day have to endure even the pain and tears she had experienced in her life. Christ grew stong in the word of God and as he did he came to know who he was and what he was to do by the age of 8. Can you imagine? knowing that kind of thing at such a young age? I am so greatful for what the Savior did for all of us, for me. I am eternally greatful and will never repay him, but that is not what he asks of us. He didn't say "I will do this but you better pay me back." No. all he said was, Come follow me, I will take the burden off your back if you help take some from mine. He asks of us to share his yoke. that doesn't mean we are to pay for our own sins or hurts, but that we are to take upon us His name, and act as he would, and bringing others to the knowledge that He is real. He has paid the price. He is the difference when our own efforts are not enough. I have experienced this in learning Portuguese this time around. I am trying to put more trust in him and know that when i try my hardest, it is not the words that touches hearts, it is the Spirit. And when i do my best He is not only the one who will make up the difference, but He IS the difference. there is no point A and B that we must get to to make it back to God, but there is where we are and where Heavenly Father knows who we can become. and we can reach that! If we put our faith in Christ, the only Begotten Son of God. The one who did the impossible, the miraculous, and the Eternal Sacrifice. By that sacrifice all Man may feel Love, Peace, Joy, Comfort. He was the first gift, and He is still our gift. Try to keep Him in your thoughts this Christmas season, and i will be trying as well! He is AMAZING! I love you all!!
Sister Post

MTC District

Sister Post and her companion Sister Overson(from Arizona)

Zone Leaders and Sister Training Missionaries 

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