Sunday, February 8, 2015

Lessons, Pizza and Portuguese - Week 2 February 2, 2015

There is a girl named Eld... that should be coming back this week and she was my first lesson i taught. she actually knows english and i was helping her with it and she wants a book of mormon to read in english with the portuguese one we gave her. she is super prepared and think she will be baptised in two weeks after attending church. We picked up an old investigator that is so ready, he just seems non committal and a little scared, and we are helping him understand all his questions. but he had a dream and his parents came and spoke with him and we are going to teach plan of salvation and families tonight to him. We have an other one whose daughter is understanding the importance of baptism by the proper authority.  we got little mateus who i thought was 8 who is actually 12 hahaha to come to church and he has made friends and i think will continue to come. 
The ward is very nice! they just talk talk talk and i just smile and nod hahha but this sunday was much better! i loved testimony meeting! everyone was getting up and waiting in line and i have never been in a sacrament meeting where there was not a pause in between people because there was alway two or more sitting waiting to go up. it was awesome! and i understood them because they were all testifying of Christ :)  
The Food is actually good. i love eating rice and beans.. hahah and the meat isn~t bad either. and listen to this, i actually have eaten fish... twice.. hahah it tastes like chicken. and for the first time i ate the meat with the fish head attached... hhahaha it was awkward having the cooked fish eye looking at me while i tried not eating a bone. which i did.  once. haha it wasn~t fun. but tudo bem! we made pizza today! i made my strange ``american`` half with Sister M. and Sis. S. and the other sister made a nasty looking half with mayonnaise hahaha they love it here! they put it on everything!!  it is funny. they also think hot dogs are a deluxe and all americans know Brad Pitt. they like to stare at you and look at you weird when you say things in portuguese. they also look at you weird trying to figure out where you are from and then freak out when i say Satos Unidos. haha it is funny. then they are like where and i say montana and they are like is that by california? and i laugh and say no haha
It seems that i only speak the most in lessons when i am prompted to say something. because most of the time i have no idea what is going on, and then some how i say something and the person says oh, i understand. but then other times i have to say it twice in my broken portuguese for them to understand haha. but Sister S. is very patient and has to repeat herself over and over for me to get the pronunciation right. well here is a picture of us making our pizza. I love you!
Sister Post

ps. funny story... so i don~t know if i told you this, but Eld...~s grandma is a touchy person and loves to touch my whiteness. well she came to church looking for us today and i had yet another awkward experience with her hahaha super awkward also it doesn~t help that i can't understand what she says at all... hahaha much much fun. 

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