Friday, February 6, 2015

Last Week in the MTC- January 12, 2015


It is finaly my last week here at the MTC! it feels like it has been a long time coming.... haha but it has been wonderful! This week has been a power-house of spiritual expiriences!!! Most have to do with my shoulder. I want to share the last section of accuring events. So physical therapy has been pretty rough the last 4 times, and each session has been progressively getting harder. I have gained a little ground in my outer rotaion, but not much. On Sunday my branch president President Jackson came up to me and asked how my shoulder was (He is a surgon who has worked with Dr. Poulsen [who did my surgery]). He tested the outer rotation and said that he wanted me to get a manipulation on it. He talked about getting it all set up and I was confused and asked what it was. It is where I would be put under anethesia and they would crank on my shoulder and break up all the scar tissue so that i could have total rotation back. In a little bit of shock I asked, what do i need to do, and he said nothing i will take care of it. I teared up at the thought of having my motion back. so i thanked him a lot and got him Dr. Poulson's number and that's all i heard. While thinking about it later i started to think of what were the odds that Sister Overson was placed in this zone so that i would then be placed with her in it. To have Pres. Jackson who is a dr and then (off topic) have amazing teachers that i have had! yesterday i went to Physical therapy and since then have had a dead arm. from shoulder to figures feel weird haha like right now as i type my arm feels like someone punched me and my arm is dead. haha afterwards we went to the clinic to get my immunizations checked out and the guy at the desk said i had an app. with Dr. Brown and then the new Sister Training leaders came in and said that they have been looking for me and that my name has been going off in the intercom so that i would get to the clinic which i had no idea about. so i go in and he tells me that i have a dr appointment with Dr. Poulsen today. everything had been taken care of. today i go in and see Dr. Poulsen and he checks my arm out and i have only gained a little progress, and agreed that i do the manipulation. So tomorrow i will be going in to get that done. after it is done then i just need to constantly stretch it to keep the range of motion and keep it from stiffening up again. Honestly i feel that there is never coincidences. the people we meet are there for a reason. I had no idea why i was put in this zone instead of my past one. I was sad at first and see diferent reasons along the way, and sunday i figured out another reason as to why. I am so greatful that Heavenly Father is constantly aware of our needs, even when we do not know them ourselves. sorry for the long story haha but it has been quite the few days. I hope all is well! Next time I write is should be  in Brazil! unless the Lord has other plans for me. I love you all!

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